NFTS - Chain of Compassion

Craftivate your NFTS - Neverending Flag Textile+ Story

We believe in the power of Textile+ craftivism and community to contribute to a more happy, healthy and sustainable planetary eco-system accessible to all. Join the Chain and craftivate your personal NFTS – Neverending Flag Textile+ Story! All NFTS will be presented in a Chain of Compassion exhibition during TPF2022 from 13 – 15 Oct. 

Each NFTS will be for sale for a min. bid of €10,- during TPF2022. The more people are interested in a NFTS, the higher the bid. The total amount raised of all sold NFTS will be donated  to a non-profit Foundation actively putting effort in protecting and increasing the well-being of our environment. In the coming weeks, the Foundation will be revealed . . .

How can I join?

How to craftivate a NFTS

1. Pick a A4-size piece of blanco Textile.
2. Craftivate your personal NFTS - Neverending Flag Textile Story in the theme: Compassion /// Humanity /// Planet Earth.
3. Use circular (Textile) materials & recycle techniques as far as possible!

Afbeelding: materiaal van Antoinette Koelewijn voor TPF2022.

The Lungta Tradition

NFTS - Chain of Compassion is a playful reference to the Prayer Flag (Lungta) tradition in Tibet. Flags designed with 5 auspicious animals (wind horse, snow lion, garuda, tiger & dragon) and special prayers are hung outside to send positive messages into the winds. This, as a way to clear obstacles and generate compassion for all sentient beings. Traditionally 5 colours are being used: white, blue, green, yellow & red. The colour white symbolizes compassion.

Send your NFTS before Oct. 1st 2022 to:

Stichting Textielprojecten

Maasplein 27

6541 XS Nijmegen


NB: You can also deliver your NFTS directly at Autotron on Oct. 12th. 2022. 

Thanks. Spread the NFTS! See you @TPF2022.