NFTS - Chain of Compassion

Craftivate your NFTS - Neverending Flag Textile+ Story!
Support the bees, other pollinating species & biodiversity in NL.

We believe in the power of Textile+ craftivism and community to contribute to a more happy, healthy and sustainable planetary eco-system accessible to all. Join the Chain and craftivate your NFTS – Neverending Flag Textile+ Story! 

All NFTS will be presented in a Chain of Compassion exhibition during TPF2022 from 13 – 15 Oct. Each NFTS will be for sale for a min. bid of €15,- The more people are interested in a NFTS, the higher the bid. 

The total amount raised of all sold NFTS will be donated  to Stichting The Pollinators actively putting effort in protecting and stimulating the bees and other pollinators, as also biodiversity in our country.

How can I join?

How to craftivate a NFTS

1. Pick a A4-size piece of blanco Textile.
2. Craftivate your NFTS - Neverending Flag Textile+ Story in the theme: Compassion & Planetary well-being.
3. You can use all kinds of (traditional) textile techniques, such as: knitting, crochet, embroidery, spinning, weaving, sewing & needle art, quilting, patchwork etc. And... use circular (textile) materials & recycle techniques as far as possible!

Afbeelding: materiaal van Antoinette Koelewijn voor #TPF2022.

The Lungta Tradition

NFTS - Chain of Compassion is a playful reference to the Prayer Flag (Lungta) tradition in Tibet. Flags designed with 5 auspicious animals (wind horse, snow lion, garuda, tiger & dragon) and special prayers are hung outside to send positive messages into the winds. This, as a way to clear obstacles and generate compassion for all sentient beings. Traditionally 5 colours are being used: white, blue, green, yellow & red. The colour white symbolizes compassion.

The Pollinators

We are The Pollinators. We are creating a healthy environment for the pollinating species. The Pollinators are a community and a platform that mainly focuses on supporting and connecting people and initiatives that protect and stimulate the pollinators and biodiversity.

The Pollinators is an initiative of The Tipping Point in collaboration with Nudge. In 2016 it started together with De Bijenkorf. At this moment more than 20 initiatives already connected as well as a few great Partner organizations.

Send your NFTS before Oct. 10 2022

Craftivate your NFTS & support the bees, other pollinating species and biodiversity in NL. You can sent your NFTS to:

Stichting Textielprojecten
o.v.v. 'NFTS of Chain of Compassion'
Maasplein 27
6541 XS Nijmegen

NB: You can also deliver your NFTS directly at Autotron, Oct. 12th. '22.


Spread the NFTS! See you @TPF2022.